Club Development Plan

The Abbeyleix Tennis Club committee has been working hard to implement some, and continue to plan for, enhancements and development initiatives to benefit its members and beyond.

Recent achievements have included the refurbishment and resurfacing of courts 1 & 2, completed in 2022 and part funded through the Sports Capital & Equipment Programme. Further to see this we completed the same rejuvenation effort for court 3 in 2023, fully funded directly by the club’s own funds.

We continue to look to address the club’s essential needs and have identified a number of key projects. These are determined in conjunction and acknowledgement of, the broader Father Breen Park development strategy and in keeping with the Smart Development plan commissioned by the Fr Breen Park committee in 2022.

Our key short and mid term focus areas are:

  1. Urgent requirement to resurface courts 4 and 5, where the current surfaces have exceeded their planned useful life and commensurate efforts are required to try and maintain some level of playability. Court 4 in particular is close to unusable especially in poor weather, and as membership continues to grow this is our no1 priority. (We have an application pending with SCEP 2024 to secure funding for these). Note that as per our ethos of supporting sustainability, old surfaces are not discarded as waste but we always ensure we secure a second lease of life for those. As such we already have a request from the South Laois Beekeepers Association for the old surfaces to re use for walkways and under hives surfaces in a new Apiary project.
  2. Whereas courts 1 & 2 are besides the clubhouse, and 3 has a Gazebo besides, courts 4 & 5 lack useful shelter for players during short weather interruptions mid match. We are looking to implement side shelters for those courts.   (We have an application pending with SCEP 2024 to try & secure funding for these).
  3. In order to increase sustainability and enhance courts performance and lifespan, we introduced an additional bi-annual maintenance schedule with a specialist provider (Casey Courts). However we are looking to further enhance this with purchase of a specialist court sweeping equipment, to allow us better control moss and weed growth, and maintain better drainage of courts. Such appropriate equipment and enhanced schedule would add years to courts longevity.(We have an application pending with SCEP 2024 to try & secure funding for this).
  4. Lighting upgrades for courts 4 & 5, we will look for funding to move to a similar led floodlights upgrade than previously installed for 1 and 2. (We are currently actively exploring funding options for this.)
  5. We are assessing the viability of procuring a vending machine with cashless facility so members and guests can avail of a range of tennis balls, replacement grips, drinks and snacks.
  6. The practice wall needs to be raised.
  7. We recognise that the clubhouse facilities shared by Abbeyleix Tennis Club, Laois Hockey and on occasions community groups guests are in a state of obsolescence and ill suited to fulfill its intended use for those groups to gather and socialise. We also can not self generate revenue to fund essential repairs and upgrades on the scale required. We are thus actively seeking funding opportunities for this. Our goal is to gradually improve and future-proof the building and its use.

    a. Phase 1 would focus on the downstairs area and look to open the current kitchen area onto the main entrance foyer, add a reception desk area in main entrance foyer area, replace decaying and energy inefficient windows and doors, replace suspended ceiling, rejuvenate the flooring and kit out as a cafe area for members & guests to enjoy as a socialising space. Electrics would also be upgraded, as well as kitchen area equipment, enabling use for events catering. As well as ensuring the premises become fit for purpose, this could generate additional revenue to help sustain the viability of the club for the community.

    b. A later phase would look to upgrade the upstairs area, notably there is unused and inaccessible space above the main foyer, kitchen and Gents changing room areas. The ceiling replacement in phase 1 would enable us to access and make use of that space, as function rooms or possibly a small gym area overlooking the courts.
  8. Longer term, should we fulfil all primary objectives, we would look to opportunities to bring further protection for courts, in the form of airdomes or other forms of roofing protection from weather and debris. While this would be high impact, this is viewed as longterm rather than priority as it would be difficult to secure the significant investment this would entail.
  9. It has also been suggested by a number of members to consider introducing Padel tennis facilities, this remains under consideration but would also require a significant initial investment, and may entail layout changes to make the space.


We always invite all members to submit any further suggestions, or input on current plan to the club via our email, whatsapp or also at the AGM. We also welcome any help from members who feel they could further get involved and assist the committee in shaping and pursuing listed projects, or help secure funding contributions from sponsors.